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Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Ask yourselves these questions. They certainly helped me.

1. Is it about things or people?

If it is about people, don't bother because even the 124,000 Prophets with miracles and knowledge sent to earth had problems changing the hearts and minds of people. Let God decide. If you still have to, then strategically plan and take action but in a very small progressive increments and expect zero changes just to bring down expectation to bare minimum.

2. If it is about things, can you take immediate action?

If not, than put 3 things you needed to do that might resolve the problem. Do the easiest of them ASAP. Then, proceed with the other two while ignoring the time frame you are doing them.

3. What if it is about events?
Much of us want to change big happenings like politics or climate change. Try doing good things in our own small little ways and let events unfold themselves. Honestly, events are not within our immediate control area but our little steps towards improvement helps.

Hope this helps!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

3 Things You Should Do When Under Stress

1) Take a break

A break allows people to reorganize their thoughts. This is essential to solve any problem. A chaotic mind cannot structure the problem into smaller chew-able chunks - a more manageable form. One cannot eat the entire plate of food at one go only by one mouthful at a time. The break can be 5 mins to say a month depending on the size of the problem. 

The break should serve two purposes: 1) Clear the mind of the problem to start again from zero 2) To give a new perspective on how to look at the problem.

2) Take 'stress pills'

I don't literally mean stress pill. What I mean is something that will distract the mind a bit. It may be food cravings, sports or a vacation. Without distraction the mind will automatically resume the process of solving the problem. At this stage, the brain has no clarity and perspective to even begin solving the problem. Therefore, some time is needed to achieve the said objectives. 

Do any activity that will distract the brain much like when we are looking at a distant object. Often we will shrug our head to refocus. 'Stress pills' is similar to the 'shrugging action' a certain activity that allows refocus.

3) Find positive energy

Without the right motivation, passion, renewed spirit it is rather hard to clear the mind and form new perspective on anything. Positive energy will vitalize the spirit and so does the brain. When the brain is energized it can take on any problem. This energy can be obtained through spiritual activities, charity or simply hanging out with close friends. 

The right people and environment will always direct you to the right direction. 

Happy trying!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

An Email which brings Positive Energy!

Dear Acap,

May you enjoy your life journey wherever it takes you. Knowing that it is your "self-reflection" day, I'm sure a happy memory would be one spent with your family who has always been there for you. Recalling that you once blogged about reminding yourself to be reminded shall you be emotionally tested, here's one: “Condemn not the past, but use it as strength for the future”. But I'm sure you have now improved and came up with better understanding on how to celebrate life to the fullest.

Have fun, take care Acap.

-Just another regular guy inspired by you-

Thank you for the positive energy!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

What is the meaning of Celebrating Life?


As we grow up we learn new things and meet new people – all the time. Both of which changes what we used to believe in and more amazingly changes our character as well. When I started this blog, I just wanted to share myself with the rest of the world. Obviously, at that time I was eager to express myself and what I think.

Why I picked ‘Celebrating Life’ as the blog’s title? I heard it during a public speaking competition and I kind of like the notion. ‘Living Life’ is like to go on with the flow but ‘Celebrating Life’ is like enjoying your life’s journey wherever it takes you.

I think the spirit of the blog has not changed. But, the way I look at things now is certainly different. In the past, I like to define the things that I want to do or say – making sure people understood me. Yet, over these years, I began to learn the opposite.

People is fascinating either you meet the good or the nasty ones. Their histories that shaped them are a collective experience more valuable than a thousand books. To be able to access that is not only a privilege but also an honour.

So what is really the meaning of ‘Celebrating Life’?

Honestly, I must admit that I don’t know. What is next? I have a career, a car, a house, a loving family and friends. Although I need to enjoy them more than I did, something about the future really made me hollow.

What is the next great challenge? Why I have not dedicated my energy and youth to that course? What are those courses? What will I become?

These questions bugged me. Somehow I need to find a higher purpose. Perhaps this is mid-life crisis. Ha-ha. Funny because isn’t it too early for me? I guess my brain and soul is older than my physical body.

Religion and Business are the two main areas where I want to excel. The question now is how?


Lirik Lagu One Thousand Million Smiles – Sudirman

There’s a gift I’d like to give you
That can’t be bought or sold
A ray of sunshine across the waters
That comes straight from the soul

Let us join our hands together
To bind the colours of our skin
A rainbow under GOD’s Great heaven
A sign that love will always win

One thousand million smiles
I bring toy across the miles
In my land of sunshine
Or in your land of snow
Makes no difference where you are
If you let your feeling show

One thousand million ways
To love each other every day
For the poet and the old man
For the mother and the child
These One thousand million smiles

If the world is full of sorrow
Then what’s the meaning of life
If war’s the master of the house
And hunger is his wife ooo…

But a shining bridge of lovin’ smiles
And tender helping hands
Will bind all men on earth together
And will forever stand

So here! Stand with heart in hand
I bring this gift from my homeland
So take these smiles and sweets hellos
Keep then in your heart where ever you may go

Monday, October 21, 2013

SDAR was built for Kampung Malays


Salam and Hi,

First of all, there is no racism here. Many racist-accusers are racist themselves. My point of showing this video is to celebrate the history of my school, Sekolah Dato’ Abdul Razak. One thing I know for sure, if this bumiputera school has not been built, thousands of Malay Kampung boys would not have the benefit of a secondary education.

It opens up opportunities and each and every one of us, Sdarians should not forget that the wisdom of our leaders made that happened. My claim is that there are many educated Malays nowadays, there is a need to soften the Bumiputera policies to give equal opportunity and level playing field for all Malaysians.

The Malays need competition and gradual reduction of government spoon-feeding. Help all the needy, you will still help majority of the Bumiputera anyways. That is the logical way to go to ensure Malaysia is in peace and remain vibrant to face the future. The biggest problem I think is the disfranchisement of the political leaders and the issues on the ground. Failure to adapt can be fatal.

p/s: Majority-minority conflict is happening everywhere anywhere – even in England. I spoke to a British national who wishes to leave Britain for good due to unfair laws to protect the minorities yet alienating the British native. Lets think. The world is meant to be this way. Globalization brings mobility of people of all races and they will move around, settle down everywhere. A nation must adapt and balance it out. US is a proof that a country willing to adapt and admit people without prejudice of race can survive and become strong.

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